Vesalius Trust Student Research Scholarship Program

    1. Enrollment in an undergraduate or graduate program in biocommunication at the time of award (spring of the following year).
    2. Completion of at least one full year of the curriculum.

  2. AWARD LEVELS – Award amounts will vary from year to year and will be at the discretion of the Vesalius Trust Board of Directors and the Association of Medical Illustrators’ scholarship committee.

    Vesalius Trust Student Research Grants awarded to applicants whose projects show evidence of merit, based on the criteria listed below

    Vesalian Scholarships awarded to the top several applicants whose project show evidence of significant merit

    Alan Cole Scholarship awarded to the student with the proposed project of the most merit

    1. The deadline for submissions is 11:59pm (EST) Friday, November 15, 2019 TO BE CONSIDERED FOR THE SPRING OF THE FOLLOWING YEAR (all material must be submitted on or before this date).

    2. A list of Frequently Asked Questions can be found here

    3. If you have any questions, contact the Co-Chairs of the AMI Scholarship Committee:

      Chris Smith
      404 E 73rd St. Apt. 5
      New York, NY 10021

      Josh Bird

  4. JUDGING GUIDELINES - Click here to view

Vesalius Trust Application Form

(For Vesalius Trust Student Research Scholarship Grants, Vesalian Scholars and Alan Cole Award; all eligible applicants compete for all awards)

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Project Title

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Project Description

Upload a PDF a description of your research project based on the application template. Your proposal should be 5 pages maximum, 4 pages if you do not have references. Each page should have 1 inch margins and be single spaced with 12 pt. type. Be sure to include your name and page number at the top of every page and use the headings you see in the template, but do not need to include the gray text. That’s just there to assist your thinking. The rest of the graphic design of this proposal is up to you. Keep in mind that the overall presentation of your proposal is taken into consideration. This includes spelling, grammar, punctuation, design, readability, clarity, and how well you follow the instructions, including adhering to the structure and pagination of the application template and using the proper file naming conventions. Please be aware that points will be deducted for failure to do so.

The pagination should be as follows

  • Page 1: Title, Project Concept, Potential Contribution to the Field of Biocommunication, Production Image
  • Page 2: Page 2: Objectives, Audience, Materials and Methods, Measurement of Success
  • Page 3: Budget
  • Page 4: Production Schedule
  • Page 5: References

Please name this file "LastName_FirstName_project_description.pdf"


Upload a PDF of your current resume. Include education, work experience, publications, presentations, awards and honors, special skills and other appropriate information. Please limit this to 2 pages.

Please name this file "LastName_FirstName_resume.pdf

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Please request an official graduate school transcript (or undergraduate transcript if you are not enrolled in a graduate program) be sent to the AMI Co-Chair. You do not need to send both graduate and undergraduate transcripts. The deadline for materials listed above is the postmark deadline for the transcript. Where available, official, digital transcripts are preferred.

I have requested my school transcript. Only official transcripts will be accepted.

Please have them sent to:

Chris Smith
AMI Scholarship Co-Chair
404 E 73rd St. Apt. 5
New York, NY 10021